June 20th Bodyweight Gurus Masterclass- BOOK NOW

Bodyweight Guru Masterclass – now open for bookings!

On Saturday 20th June 2015 11am-2pm, we are excited to announce we will be holding a MASTERCLASS for all things bodyweight run by Coach Ricky Warren (places limited, only 20 spaces available – reserve your space here).

There are secrets to mastering your bodyweight. Usually only passed on to professional athletes training for things like gymnastics, this knowledge is imperative to gain control in all forms of movement.

Arrow-like handstands frozen in time, strict muscle-ups with no kip or momentum, and levitating into levers are no longer myths but achievable goals for anyone with the correct information and training paths.

At this  WORKSHOP you will:

  • How to manipulate your bodyweight through pushing and pulling in every plane of motion and through angles you’ve never thought of
  • the correct technique and secrets of strict form through all bodyweight movement
  • the FULL development paths towards a variety of advanced skills including muscle ups, one arm pull up, handstands, planche, levers, and more
  • Progressions and regressions for all exercises as well as how to develop your own bodyweight routines

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